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Welcome to Kaptin Gavrin's Web Site.  Within this site you can find many articles about Games Workshop games and find new ways to communicate with fellow gamers.  Click on one of the sections listed to the left to check it out.




The entire saga of Brothers is now up on the website, with all 25 chapters, epilogue, and exfra associated pieces.


+++More Inquisitor Tallonius Stories+++

More Inquisitor Tallonius stories have been added in Index Adventure.  They are:

3-1-04 Forums+++

Visitors now have a place to discuss GW games! Forums are now here!  Click on the link in the side bar, or go to Communications.  Also new is AP Forums, a place to discuss Astral Projections' many projects.


+++Index Malleus and Index Orkoids+++

The first update of the new years brings with it the new section, Index Malleus.  Index Malleus deals with the dark gods of Chaos and their favored champions.  It includes tactics, new armies, conversion articles, background material, and new rules.  So far, it includes:

Another new section is Index Orkoids, part of the Index Xenos series, which focuses on the Orkoid races: Orks, Gretchin, and Snotlings.  So far, the section includes:


+++Index Necrontyr, "Brothers", and GW News+++

Index Necrontyr has been updated with an Addendum to the Necrontyr Gauss Weaponry report.

Also, a new section has been added in Index AdventureBrothers is the story of an Imperial Guard platoon and its soldiers' struggles through training and two hard-fought campaigns.

The GW News page has been updated with a lot of new news.


+++Historicus: The War in the Heavens+++

Historicus: The War in the Heavens has been updated with some new reports and pieces of fiction:


+++Index Necrontyr and Historicus: The War in the Heavens+++

Index Necrontyr has been updated with some new and updated reports:

A new section has been added in 40K3: Historicus: The War in the Heavens.  This section will contain pieces of information, both background and rules, related to the war between the Old Ones (Slann) and the Necrontyr.  So far, the section has the following:



+++Index Callarans, Index Demiurgs, and Codex Addendum+++

Codex Callarans has been changed into Index Callarans, to take in more Callaran background and material soon.  Index Demiurgs has been added.  Codex Addendum has been added as a new section to hold new rules and units.  Project: STC has been modified.   The 40K3 section has been given an overall makeover to fit the new look.


+++Index Tau, Index Necrontyr, and Index Adventure+++

Index Tau and Index Necrontyr have been updated to have a new look, while Index Adventure has taken the place of GW Fiction.


+++Major Site Revision+++

All of the site's main pages have been redesigned to have a more streamlined, easy to navigate system.


+++Rules for Cursed Founding Space Marines+++

Rules for Cursed Founding Marine Chapters have been added in the Space Marines section of 40K3.


+++Standard Template Construct and Advanced Psychic System+++

Standard Template Construct has been updated.  The updated sections are:

An Advanced Psychic System for Warhammer 40,000 has been uploaded to the 40K3 section.  It contains a much expanded psychic system for 40K with new rules for psykers of all races.


+++Index Tau+++

INDEX TAU has been updated with the following:


+++New Games Workshop Fiction+++

GW Fiction has been updated with the following new stories by Erik Setzer:


+++Index Tau+++

INDEX TAU has been added to the site, in the 40K3 section.  This new section will include reports on the Tau, as well as tactics, fiction, and more.  So far the section contains:

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