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[Being a study of the enigmatic and advanced Callaran race]


The Callarans are a somewhat odd race. Their physical structure is similar to the Eldar, but there are some major differences. The Callarans are tall, as are the Eldar, but their bodies are slightly stronger. Their ears are slightly pointed, but not as sharply pointed as those of the Eldar. The mos noticable feature of the Callaran physical appearance is their eyes. Callarans on the average have eyes just like Human and Eldar eyes, but some may have red, yellow, or some other colour pupils. Even stranger, some Callarans have glowing eyes that are a single solid colour, usually red, blue, or light purple.

Callaran dress depends on an individual's social rank. Civilians wear simple clothing, often decorated by the civilian. This clothing can be any colour, but usually tends to be white, purple, and blue.

Callaran Warriors wear an outfit dependent upon their House. This outfit is always highly decorated, to honour the Warrior and his achievements. This outfit is always green and yellow, blue and black, or yellow and purple. The outfit is always elegant looking, and is crafted by a skilled tailor. A Moritai will always wear black, usually choosing a heavy black robe to wear in public that covers his face. In armour the Moritai wear obsidian black armour, and grim skull masks.

The Jai are always dressed in extremely elegant robes, coloured blue and red. Their outfits are always crafted by the greatest tailors and seamstresses of the Empire, and are always decorated with talismans created by ancient craftsmen and powered by the psychic energies of the Ancient Jai. The Jai wear armour that is also elegantt, and that also contains psychic talismans to help them focus and guide their powers in battle.

Nobles wear elegant outfits in the colours of their House, decorated with jewelry and other things. Sometimes outfits have gemstones embedded into them, or gold buttons, fasteners, etc.