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[Being a study of the enigmatic and advanced Callaran race]


Callaran anatomy is very interesting and odd. As previously stated, Callarans appear to be very tall, as the Eldar are. That is where the main similarity between the two races lies, as most of the Callaran physical structure is unlike Eldar. Callaran ears are slightly pointed, but not nearly as much as Eldar ears. Their bodies are quite strong compared to Eldar and Humans, but not quite as strong as those of Orks.

Callaran eyes are extremely odd. Though most have eyes similar to Eldar and Humans, some have eyes of an odd colour, such as yellow, or red. Stranger still is the fact that some Callarans have glowing eyes that are a single solid colour with no discernable features, usually being red, blue, or even light purple.

Callaran reproduction is similar to the Humans and Eldar. They have very similar reproductive organs, and reproduce in the same manner as Humans and Eldar. When a new Callaran is born, it will usually grow at a steady, normal rate, reaching physical maturity at the age of 23 galactic standard years. If the newborn child is psychically sensitieve, this growth rate can be faster and the Callaran's mind and body will reach maturiy at an average age of 10-15 galactic standard years. Any child's growth can be hastened by a psychically sensitive Callaran using his psychic powers to speed up the process of growth. This sometimes results in the new Callarans becoming psychic iteself.

Internal organ structure is very similar to Humans, with a few exceptions, most noticably the Callaran heart. The heart of a Callaran functions in the same way as a Human heart, but has two more valves, and natural filters to filter harmful materials out of the blood. There is another organ close to the heart for breaking down and disposing of these harmful substances. The blood of a Callaran is odd itself, as it is extremely dark red, almost black. Despite their dark blood, the Callarans all have fairly light skin, though there are some with blue or obsidian-black skin.

Callaran bone structure is reinforced with an extremely high amount of Calcium, making it very hard to break a Callaran's bones. The marrow within the bones is rich in proteins and other vitamins, minerals, and natural substances. The cartillage connection Callaran bones together is stronger yer more flexible, allowing a Callaran to perform athletics with relative ease.

A Callaran's body is filled with many t-cells, all stronger that a Human's t-cells. This creates a strong immune system, able to root out and destroy most harmful substances. A Calaran's t-cells are also able to move qickly within the body to where they are most needed, making the Callaran body nearly immune to any known virus or bacteria, natural or artificial.