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[Being a study of the enigmatic and advanced Callaran race]


The Callarans worship a wide variety of gods. The main Callaran gods are:


Jaigranar is the Emperor of the Gods. He is the most powerful and the most skilled of the gods in the arts of war and crafts. His job is to watch over all the Callaran Gods and Goddesses and to protect his people. He appears wearing a robe or armour, and always wearing many decorative talismans. He is most commonly seen wearing red and blue. Jaigranar is worshipped by all Callarans.


Erritekan is the God of the Stars. He is the God charged with the duty of leading the Callarans through the stars. He appears in the form of a Callaran wearing a black robe, masking his face in its shadows. Within the shadows that conceal his face can be seen the universe, its infinite beauty aweing all who look upon it. Erritekan is worshipped by the crews of the Callaran starships, and many of the Jai.


Keritan is the God of Death. He is charged with the duty of protecting the souls of dead Callarans from falling into the lure of Chaos. He appears in the form of a Callaran Warrior wearing obsidian armour, and wearing a skull mask. His worshippers, the Keritan Assassins, mimic this look, striking fear in their opponents as they seek to hunt down and destroy Chaos. The Moritai also worship Keritan, but not as as strongly as the Assassins.


Craetam is the Goddess of Crafts. She is given the duty of preserving the Callaran culture through the teaching of crafts. She appears in the form of a beautiful Callaran woman wearing a long flowing robe of white silk. Her followers are the craftspeople, tailors and artists among the Callarans, and statues of Craetam are frequently sculpted by her followers and placed in areas of worship and meetings.


Militan is the Callaran God of War. He is charged with the duty of watching over the Callaran Warriors in times of war, and deciding their fates. Militan appears in the form of a Callaran Warriors wearing elegant red armour and carrying a beautifully crafted sword, said to have been forged by Militan himself. It is to Militan that all Callaran Warriors pray and offer worship before each battle, asking only that he give them an honourable fate in the battles to come.


Terikitam is the Goddess of Nature. Her duty is to watch the growth of the animals and the land, and to make sure the soil is fertile wherever the Callaran farmers may plant their crops. She appears in the form of a lovely Callaran women, with an elegant body and a beautiful green silk robe. Terikitam wears upon her head a crown made of rose vines. All Callaran farmers, cultivators, and agricultural workers worship her.


Heridan is the God of Enlightenment. He is given the task of watching over the Jai and increasing the wisdom and knowledge of the Callaran people. Heridan appears as an old Callaran man, wearing blue and white robes, and carrying an ancient book at his side. The Jai are the main worshippers of Heridan, praying for more knowledge and an even greater understanding of the universe, but there are many other Callarans who worship him.