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[Being a study of the enigmatic and advanced Callaran race]


The Callaran Empire is divided into eleven Houses.  Each House controls a portion of the Empire relevant to its position and status.  The Houses are all controlled by one Emperor, who rules over the entire Empire.  The Emperor does not make all decisions by himself, however.  Whenever an important decision is to be made that would affect the entire Callaran Empire, each of the Houses sends five representatives to aid in the decision.  These meetings of the representatives is called the Vestigai (Meeting of the Houses).  Based on what the representatives feel about the matter, the Emperor will make a final decision.

The four major Houses are House Terikor, House Serital, House Getinas, and House Delanti.  These provide the main Warriors in the Callaran armies.  There are seven minor Houses:  House Veritkan, House Koritans, House Nekverti, House Tensitan, House Ortinai, House Retornir, and House Casimor.  These Houses are smaller in size than the four major Houses, but have an equal voice in all political decisions.

All Houses train their citizens to fight in the Servitai, the Citizen Guard, should the need arise for their service.  The Servitai remain with and fight alongside their own House in war.

The Jai and the Moritia are not part of any House; instead, they form their own separate organisations, separate from the Houses.  The potential Jai and Moritai of each House are pulled from the House and placed into their organisation.  As such, the Jai and the Moritai have no allegiance to any one House, they fight for all Houses.

The Jai are the secondary leaders of the Callaran Empire, under the Emperor.  In actual fact, though, they have the power to overrule any decision made by the Emperor.   The Callarans have come to trust the knowledge of the Jai, and they will often consult the Jai in major decisions.  The Jai are ruled by an Inner Council composed of the most ancient and powerful Jai Dominai.  This Inner Counsil is known as the Jai-tan, and is responsible for many tasks, including protecting the Callaran Empire from Chaos, and keeping watch of the Ancient Library, called the Libratikai.

The Moritai are another entirely separate organisation.  The Moritai are composed of Warriors from every House.  They are the Warriors who have turned their back on society, and have taken up the Path of the Warrior for all Eternity.  When a Callaran becomes a Moritai, he breaks all ties with any other Callarans.

The Major Houses

House Terikor

House Terikor is the largest of the Houses.  Its Warriors believe that Strength is the most important aspect of a Warrior.  They love to attack the enemy at close range, bringing the fight to thier foes.  Their Warriors are the strongest, and most carry either close combat weapons, or close range weapons.

House Serital

House Serital is the second largest of the Houses.  Its Warriors focus on speed, training their bodies to be swift and deadly.  Among them are the Volimilitai, the Warriors of Flight, who use their wings to carry them swiftly across the battlefield.   Also among the Warriors of House Serital are the LiberiPugnatai, the Freedom Fighters, who use their speed to quickly get behind enemy lines and disturb the enemy's plans.

House Getinas

House Getinas is the third larget of the Houses.  The Warriors of House Getinas focus on the use of firepower to devastate their foes.  They use heavy weapons and specialised weapons to decimate their enemy from afar, laying waste to their foes before they reach the Callaran battle line.

House Delanti

House Delanti is the smallest of the Houses.  Its Warriors believe in the use of Stealth to destroy their opponents.  It is the most secretive of the Houses, often not even sending any representatives to the Vestigai.  Because of this, and their shady history, House Delanti is often not trusted by the other Houses.


Military Units of the Callaran Houses

House Terikor
House Serital
House Getinas
House Delanti
Keritan Assassins
The Jai The Moritai
Minor Houses
House Vertikan
House Koritans
House Nekverti
House Tensitan
House Ortinai
House Retornir
House Casimor