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[Being a study of the enigmatic and advanced Callaran race]


Callarans are highly developed in psychics. The minds of their psykers have become very powerful. In fact, there are some that are known to be able to alter the fabric of space itself, creating black holes, detroying stars, and even being able to create food or any other substance by using their minds to reshape the very molecules and atoms of the air or matter around them.

Callaran psykers are called Jai. Once a potentially psychic Callaran becomes one of the Jai, he is then taught many of the secrets of the Jai. Only the most powerful and ancient Jai learn the deepest secrets of the Jai, and these Jai become very powerful.

It is said that many millenia ago, when the Jai had only existed for about ten thousand years, they unlocked the keys to altering the fabric of the universe and its many dimensions. These ancient Jai learned how to focus their minds to perform extremely complex tasks. The Jai learned that they could even step out of their physical bodies, and travel in their spirit-form, being able to go to places that their physical body could not travel. The learning of this technique was very dangerous, indeed many Jai never awoke from the coma-like state in whish their body enters. Their bodies are still held in stasis to this day, in the hopes that maybe these lost Jai will be able to enter their bodies again.

A Jai's mind is like a diamond, it is multi-faceted and crystal clear. A Jai can focus his mind to do many things at once, and can even set a portion of his mind to perform a certain task even while the Jai himself is concentrating on something else, or even while the Jai is sleeping. This is one of the first skills a Jai is taught after his initiation.

One very amazing power of the Jai lies in the Callarans' form of interstellar transportation. It is no device on a ship, but instead a single Jai who opens the portal to the dimension known as the Nexus. The main Jai assigned to a ship uses his mind to rip the fabric of the universe apart, to create a rift between realspace and the Nexus.

The Jai have many more powers, some known and some unknown. Their range of powers include the ability to give or take away psychic powers and ability, creating personal protective psychic fields, opening a rift between real and Warp space, and many more powers.