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[Being a study of the enigmatic and advanced Callaran race]


Callaran technology is very highly advanced and extremely sophisticated. It is based around the use of energy, and the application of miniaturization. Miniaturization has allowed the Callarans to store large amounts of information on tiny chips, and has allowed them to make their weapons much smaller than they would normally be. Starship systems such as engines, navigational comupters and sensors have been greatly miniaturized, allowing more space for weapons systems, shielding, cargo and passengers. This has given the Callarans a great edge in space combat.

Callaran weapons reflect the heavy use of energy present in Callaran technology. All Callaran ranged weapons use plasma energy to power their blasts, giving them great destructive potential. Callaran close combat weapons usually have a power field surrounding the weapon, increasing its efficiency. Miniaturization has allowed the computers, generators and other mechanisms inside the weapon o be yet more effiecient, adding more effectiveness to the weapon, and allows the vital parts of the weapons to be shielded from attack.

Miniaturization has also allowed great advancements to be made in the use of personal armour and defences. Shield generators are much easier to carry, and miniaturization of complex life support and preservation systems allowed the creation of the Denarro armour. The Denarro armour is used by many Dominai and other Callaran officers, and very often its use is employed by the Jai.

For inter-system transportation, the Callarans do not use the Warp, as it is much too dangerous and unstable. They use something called the Nexus. The Nexus is essentially another dimension, parallel to 'realspace,' yet all matter is energy within the Nexus. The Jai open portals for ships to pass through to enter the Nexus, and in the Nexus the engines of the Callaran ships feed on the raw energy, powering their drives. They use this energy to propel their ships at far faster than light speeds, almost instantaneously going from one place to another.