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[Being a study of the enigmatic and advanced Callaran race]


Callaran Denarro Armour: Denarro Armour is a strong suit of armour created from a flexible material that gives the wearer of the armour great maneuverability and protection.  It also includes a built-in life support and preservation system that allows the wearer to survive in harsh climates, and to survive hits that would normally kill the wearer.  The armour gives a 2+ modifiable armour save, and then a 5+ invulnerable save for the medical support system.

Plasma Grenades: Callaran characters use plasma grenades rather than the crude frag grenades.  These negate the effects of cover in close combat completely, so all attacks are worked out in Initiative order.

Haywire Grenades: Haywire grenades are used to disable the electronic components in an opposing army's vehicles.   They can only be used against vehicles.  A model making an attack with these grenades may only make one attack, regardless of Attacks characteristic or any other factor.  If the attack hits, roll a D6:  1=no effect; 2-5=glancing hit; 6=penetrating hit.  A Haywire grenade may only be used against a Dreadnought if it has already been immobilized or stunned.

Scanner: A scanner is used to detect hidden enemy troops. If enemy infiltrators set up within 4D6" of a model with a scanner, then that model is allowed to take a 'free' shot at them (or sound the alarm in a Raid scenario). If the model is part of a unit then the whole unit may shoot. These shots are taken before the battle begins, and may cause the infiltrators to fall back. The normal shooting rules apply.

Targeter: Models equipped with a targeter are allowed to pre-measure the range to a target before they decide who to shoot at in the shooting phase.

Medi-Pack: Medi-packs allow you to ignore the first failed saving throw each turn for the unit that the character is with. The Narthecium may not be used on any model who has been unfortunate enough to suffer 'Instant Death' (e.g., hit by a weapon with twice its Toughness) or that has been hit by a weapon that allows no save. It may also not be used if the character is in base contact with an enemy model.

Null Field: A null field is a field of negative Warp energy which nullifies any psychic power's affects.  A model wearing a null field is unaffected by a psychic power on a D6 roll of a 4+.  If the psychic power affected any models other than the model wearing the null field, they are still affected by it.

Jai Psy-Armour: Jai Psy-armour allows a Jai to nullify an opposing psychic's power. Declare that you'll use the Psy-armour after an opponent has successfully made a Psychic test, but before they have used the power. Each player then rolls a D6 and adds their model's Leadership value to the score. If the Jai beats the opposing model's score then the psychic power is nullified and may not be used that turn. If the opposing model's score is equal or higher, it may use its psychic power as normal.

Jetbike: Callaran jetbikes are much like Eldar jetbikes - fast, maneuverable, and deadly.  They use all the rules for jetbikes presented in the Warhammer 40,000 rulesbook.  In addition, nay model on a Jetbike who is unbroken may always more 6" in the assault phase, whether they are within 6" of an enemy or not.  This move can be made in any direction, not just toward the enemy.  Callaran jetbikes are always armed with twin plasma assault carbines.

Nexus Portal: This is a portable portal generator carried by a Callaran character that opens a hole in the Nexus for Callarans to move through, to and from their ships or bases.  It may be activated by the model carrying it in the shooting phase, instead of moving or shooting that turn.   Place a space Blast marker in contact with the model when it activates the portal.   From then on units entering play as reserves may be placed on the portal template instead of entering on the table edge.  There is no risk of scattering or being killed when travelling in this way, and the portal cannot be destroyed.  Once activated the model that was carrying the portal may move away, and doesn't have to remain in contact with it.  If you have a Nexus portal in your army, you may keep units in reserve, even if you are not normally allowed to do so in the mission being played.   If you do this then the troops may only enter through the portal, and if it has not been opened on the turn they become available to enter play, they must be held back until it is.

War Banner: Add +1 to the Callaran combat resolution score of any assault that takes place within 6" of a sacred standard. However, if the model bearing the standard is slain in close combat, then the enemy model that slew him captures the standard and gets the bonus from then on. It is possible for a standard to change hands several times in a single battle, as long as the model holding the standard is slain in close combat each time.

House Standard: A house standard combines the effect of an ancient relic and a war banner (see their entries for details).

Ancient Relic: A model bearing an ancient relic may reveal it once per battle. This may be done at any time, as long as the model with the relic does not move during the same turn it is revealed. On the turn the relic is revealed all Callarans within 2D6" get a +1 Attack bonus for the rest of that turn. Note that the relic may be revealed in an opposing player's turn if you wish.

Force Weapon: Force weapons are potent psychic weapons that can only be used by a trained psyker such as a Librarian. They are treated as a power weapon, but can unleash a psychic attack that can kill an opponent outright. Roll to hit, to wound and to save as normal. Then, as long as at least one wound has been inflicted, make a Psychic test for the psyker against one opponent wounded by the weapon. The normal rules for using psychic powers apply, and you can not use another psychic ability in the same turn. If the test is passed then the opponent is slain outright, no matter how many wounds it has (but count the actual amount inflicted for determining which side won the assault).




Weapon Range Strength AP Type Special
Vertigai - Low
Vertigai - High
Heavy 1/Blast
Heavy 1/Blast
Can be used at low or high power
Degatinai Template 7 3 Assault 1  
Ferakai 60" 9 2 Heavy 1  
Treganai 48" 10 2 Heavy 1  
Joratikai 24" 8 1 Heavy 1/Blast 2D6+8 penetration at 12"
Jeritai Reaper 24" 6 5 Heavy D6 Fires D6 Shots
Deganai Template 5 4 Assault 1  
Jorakai 12" 8 1 Assault 1 2D6+8 penetration at 6"
Korunai 18" 5 3 Assault 1  
Jegutai 24" 6 4 Rapid Fire  
Jerutai 12" 6 4 Pistol  
Jeguhitai 24" 4 5 Rapid Fire  
Jeruhitai 12" 4 5 Pistol  

Vertigai (Heavy Plasma Gun)
The Vertigai is a larger version of the Jegutai.  It lets out a sustained burst of destructive plasma energy, powerful enough to destroy its target with a single shot.

Deganai (Plasma Sprayer)
The Deganai is a version of the Jegutai that sprays plasma energy in a wide arc in front of the weapon, sacrificing strength and range to hit multiple targets.

Degatinai (Heavy Plasma Sprayer)
The Degatinai is a larger, bulkier version of the Deganai.  It sprays plasma energy in a wider arc and with greater power, allowing it to destroy multiple enemy soldiers in one blast.

Ferakai (Plasma Beam Cannon)
The Ferakai is a large version of the Jegutai that focuses a very large amount of plasma energy into a tight beam, allowing it to pierce most armour with ease.

Treganai (Plasma Cannon)
The Treganai is a more powerful, but shorter ranged, version of the Ferakai.  It is specially designed to punch through heavy armour.  The Plasma Cannon is mainly used against heavily armoured targets, destroying enemy vehicles and fortifications.

Jorakai (Nova Gun)
The Jorakai is a gun that fires an intense, continuous stream of plasma at its target.  Eventually the plasma energy builds up to the point that is explodes outwards, destroying its target utterly and completely.

Joratikai (Heavy Nova Gun)
The Joratikai is a heavier version of the Jorakai.  It fires a stream of intense plasma energy at its target, building up even more energy in a contained space, until it explodes outwards with very devastating effects.

Devorai (Fist)
The Devorai Fist is a large gaunlet that is attached to the user's armour.   Contained within the Fist is a small generator that, when turned on, will create a small power field around the Fist, giving it greater strength.

Jorugai (Halberd)
The Jorugai is a weapon shaped like a halberd.  It has a generator in its long metal shaft that projects a power field around the blade, strengthening the hits caused by the Jorugai.

Xenon Sword
The Xenon Sword is a powerful sword made from an unknown material.  Its blade is surrounded by a glowing blue energy field.  The Sword is able to fire blasts of energy short distances, giving the user some ranged firepower as well as a formidable close combat weapon.

Jegutai (Plasma Assault Rifle)
The Jegutai is the basic ranged weapon of the Volimilitai.  It fires concentrated balls of plasma energy that burn through even the thickest of armour.

Jerutai (Plasma Pistol)
The Jerutai is a smaller version of the Jegutai, designed for use in hand to hand combat.

Jeguhitai (Plasma Assault Carbine)
The Jeguhitai is a less powerful version of the Jegutai.  It is maily used by the Callaran Servitai.

Jeruhitai (Light Plasma Pistol)
The Jeruhitai is a pistol that fires a concentrated ball of plasma energy.

Karunai (Lightning Gun)
The Karunai is a gun that uses electricity as its form of attack.  The Karunai fires a blast of electricity that envelops its target, rendering electronics useless, and electrocuting any unfortunate person that finds itself the Karunai's target.

Jeritai Reaper
The Jeritai Blaster is a heavy weapon that fires multiple blasts of plasma energy, allowing it to destroy multiple targets with one sweep.

Korinai (Claw)
The Korinai is a gauntlet with long, sharp claws attached to it.  When the Claw is used, a small power field appears around the Claw, giving it the ability to penetrate armour easily.

Korinai claws count as a power weapon and the model wearing them may re-roll any to wound rolls that fail to wound. Models who are armed with Korinai claws only receive the +1 Attack modifier for an additional close combat weapon if the second weapon is also another Korinai claw, as they are generally used as a pair.



Nexus Tunnel: The Jai opens a tunnel through the Nexus.  This has the same effect as a Nexus Portal.

Teleport Jai: The Jai takes on a bright glow which suddenly flashes into blinding light.  when the light fades he has disappeared.  The Jai reappears up to 4D6" away as a bright glow which flares into a sudden flash.  Teleport Jai can be used to carry the Jai into hand-to-hand combat, in which case he fights as normal in the next combat round and counts as charging in the first round.

Energy Shield: The Jai conjures a shield of psychic energy to protect himself.   Should the Jai subsequently suffer 1 or more wounds from either shooting or close combat the shield will absorb and negate each wound on the D6 roll of 3, 4, 5 or 6; roll 1D6 per wound caused.  If the Jai is attacked by a psychic power which either causes wounds or kills him outright, the Energy Shield will save him on the D6 roll of a 4, 5 or 6.

The Jai examines the skeins of probability to try to determine which courses of action will give a single Callaran squad or vehicle the best chances of success.  As a result a +1 modifier is applied to all the squad's shooting and close combat to hit rolls.  Fate remains in play until the beginning of the next shooting phase.

Project Self
Strands of incandescent energy stream from the Jai's fingertips and weave themselves into a monstrous, glowing form near a single model within 18".   The form is a psychic projection of the Jai himself which immediately springs forward to attack the enemy in hand-to-hand combat.  Fight out the hand-to-hand combat immediately.  The Jai counts as charging and if he is fighting more than one opponent the normal rules for multiple combats do not apply.  If the Jai loses any of the combats he suffers no damage but the Project Self power is nullified immediately.

Mind Assault
The Jai reaches out and blasts the mind of a single enemy model within 36".  The Jai rolls 4D6 plus +1D6 for each force card he uses to energize the power.  Mind Assault automatically inflicts 1 wound on the target for each 6 the Jai rolls, with no armour saving throws possible.  Mind Assault may be used on a vehicle crewman but the Jai only rolls 2D6.

Banish Daemon
The Jai hurls his powers against a daemon in an attempt to banish it back into the warp.  The Banish Daemon power travels up to 24" and strikes the first target in its path.  The Jai rolls 2D6 and adds 3 to the result; the daemon rolls 1D6 and adds its current number of wounds to the result.  If the Jai's score beats the daemon's score the daemon is instantly destroyed.  If the scores are drawn the daemon loses half its remaining wounds, rounding down.  If the Jai's score is lower the Banish Daemon power does not work.  If the daemon's score is twice that of the Jai or more the Jai suffers D3 wounds from the psychic feedback.

Crackling bolts of power lash out from the Jai's fingers up to 24", striking the first target in their path.  The target suffers D3 S4 hits and must pass a Ld test or be stunned and unable to do anything until the next shooting phase.   If this happens leave this card as a reminder and take it back at the beginning of the next shooting phase.  Daemons struck by Paralyze suffer a D3 hits at S8 rather than S4.

Protective Aura
The Jai projects a powerful mental shield to protect himself and those nearby against psychic attack.  The Jai and all friendly models within 9" increase their Ld characteristic to 10 as long as the Protective Aura is in effect.   The Jai and all friendly models within 9" gain a saving throw of 4, 5 or 6 on a D6 against psychic attacks.  Protective Aura remains in play until the Callarans' next shooting phase.

Psychic Bolt
The Jai assaults one of the enemy psykers in a battle of wills.   The enemy psyker rolls a D6 and adds his mastery level to the roll; the attacking Jai rolls two D6 and adds 3 to the highest dice roll.  If the enemy psyker's score is lower he loses and suffers 1 wound for every every point he lost by.   If the scores are tied or the enemy's score is higher the Psychic Bolt attack has no effect unless the defender's score is double the attacker's.  It this happens, the attacking psyker suffers D6 wounds from psychic feedback.

The Jai turns his immense will power on the mind of a single enemy model and takes over its body for a model in range as his victim.  The victim must pass a Ld test with a -2 modifier to resist the power of the Subjugation.  If the model fails the player can force it to perform one action immediately - this could be to make a normal move, fire a weapon, throw a grenade, etc.  Any firing uses the subjugated model's BS and normal rules apply as regards targeting, line of sight, etc.   Vehicle crew can be targeted with Subjugation but those in enclosed vehicles count as having a Ld of 10; exposed vehicle crew test on their basic Leadership.  A subjugated model cannot be forced to kill itself.