During the Cursed Founding, a number of Space Marine chapters were created which had defective or mutated geneseed. Many of these chapters eventually disappeared, slaughtered themselves, or died of madness. It is unknown how many of these cursed chapters were created, nor is it known how many still exist, and whether or not they continue to serve the Imperium. What is known is that those who remain in service to the Imperium are some of the most fanatically loyal members, even with their scorn their mutations gain them.


The following rules allow you to represent a chapter of Space Marines from the Cursed Founding in a game of Warhammer 40,000.  They are completely optional, and so you must get your opponent's permission before creating a Cursed Founding army.

With the exception of the following changes, the army is selected and acts in the same manner as a normal Space Marine chapter. The special rules "And They Shall Know No Fear..." and "Drop Pods" are used by the Cursed Founding Marines whenever applicable, and a Cursed Founding army is allowed to use the Planetfall scenario whenever a normal Marine chapter would be able to.

Unswerving Loyalty: All Cursed Founding chapters still in the Imperium's service are extremely loyal, willing to die for the Imperium should they be required to. For this reason all Cursed Founding Marines gain +1 Ld.

Mutated Geneseed: All Cursed Founding Marines have mutated geneseed. This gives them some bonuses and some drawbacks.  Sometimes these can be minor; at other times they can be major changes that alter the Marines' bodies and sometimes even their minds. All Marines in the same army will have the same positive and negative side effects for their mutations. Before you fight a battle, roll to se what effects the mutations have, or select one positive and one negative effect (if you choose to do this then it must be modelled on the Marines). When playing in a tournament or campaign, it is recommended you determine the effects before the event begins, using the organizer as a witness.


D6 Result
1 Enhanced Bone Structure: The Marines' bone structure is altered in such a way that it lends the Marines extra protection in battle. This gives them a +1 Toughness.
2 Enhanced Senses: The Marines' senses have been increased tremendously, and they seem to have a sixth sense when it comes to determining the location of their enemy. All Marines gain +1 Initiative, double their Initiative when locating sentries, and can detect any hidden models (ie Lictors) within 8" of them.
3 Psychic Shield: The Marines' minds have been altered, providing them with latent psychic powers. This usually manifests itself in the form of a psychic shield. This shield gives the Marines a 6+ invulnerable save.
4 Biological Weapon: Some part of the Marines' bodies has been changed, mutated into something that can be used as a weapon, such as sharp bony ridges on their arms. These  mutations give the Marines +1 Strength.
5 Increased Speed: The mutations within the chapter have made the Marines faster, giving them the ability to move quicker from one location to another. This allows the Marines to move an extra D6" in the Shooting Phase if they opt not to fire their weapons. This is not affected by difficult terrain.
6 Rage: The Marines have a heightened aggression which is triggered in battle, but controllable when not in battle (though in rare instances it cannot be controlled). The Marines set upon their foes with fury, striking blows that cannot be blocked or evaded. This allows the Marines to hit their opponents on a 3+ in hand to hand combat, regardless of his WS or the WS of his opponent.



D6 Result
1 Sloth: The Marines' mutations cause them to move more slowly, due to shorter legs, lanky calf muscles, or some other physical defect. All Marines move as if they were in difficult terrain, regardless of whether they are in such terrain or not.
2 Frail: The Marines' bodies are not as strong as they should be. This can be due to weak bones, thin skin, or some other condition. the Marines lose -1 Toughness.
3 Clumsy: The Marines have become ponderous, clumsy creatures, unable to move well. They are always hit by their opponents on a 3+ in hand to hand combat regardless of WS, and will take a wound if a 1 is rolled while they are moving through difficult terrain, regardless of the other die/dice rolls (normal saving throws apply).
4 Mania: The Marines suffer from bouts of maniacal anger, sometimes turning upon each other even in the midst of battle.  Roll a D6 each turn. If a 1 is rolled, D6 members of the squad fall upon each other with a mad rage. Fight a round of hand to hand between the Marines, treating them as if they were all in base to base contact with each other.
5 Seizures: Occasionally the Marines will fall into seizures, with no explanation as to the cause. Maybe it's a random pattern of light flashes, or a series of sounds. Whatever the reason, these seizures will cause a Marine to fall helpless to the ground and begin to thrash about. Roll a D6 for each of your squads and characters every turn. On a 1, the character or D6 members of the squad fall to the ground thrashing uncontrollably and may do nothing for the remainder of the turn. If the model affected is in hand to hand combat, he may not attack his opponent while having the seizure, but cannot be hit except on a 5+.
6 Confusion: Sometimes the Marines get confused, being unable to tell friend from foe. This can cause disastrous results.  Roll a D6 for each squad or character. On a roll of 1, they  become confused. If they are in hand to hand, they disengage immediately and fall back, confused as to whether or not they are fighting the right enemy. If they are not in hand to hand, they will fire any weapon they have at the nearest squad or character, whether they are fellow Marines or the Marines'  opponents. The confusion only lasts for one turn, after which the squad or character regroups or may choose their own target (unless you roll a 1 for them again!).

Assault Marines, Bikers, and Scout Bikers are unaffected by movement bonuses and penalties.

The following positive/negative mutation combinations cannot occur together in a chapter.  If you come up with one of these combinations, reroll either the positive or negative mutation.

Positive Mutation Negative Mutation
Increased Speed Sloth
Enhanced Bone Structure Frail

Note that although Rage and Clumsy have similar but opposite effects, the two can be cumulative; ie, your troops can be able to hit your opponents on a 3+, but they will be able to hit your troops on a 3+ as well.

Unexplained Deaths: On rare occasions, a Cursed Founding Marine will fall to the ground dead, with nothing to explain it. His body will self-destruct, or his mind fall apart. Whatever the cause, he simply falls dead with no chance for revival. Roll a D6 each turn. On a 1, a member of one random squad falls to the ground dead, with no saving throw possible.

Modified Points Cost: Due to the bonuses presented by being members of the Cursed Founding (and even with the few penalties), Cursed Founding Marines cost more than normal Marines. For this reason, the following points costs are used instead of those presented in Codex Space Marines. Veteran Sergeant upgrades remain the same in additional points, and vehicles  and Dreadnoughts also remain the same as they are not affected by the above rules.

Hero 40 points
Commander 55 points
Force Commander 75 points
Chaplain 85 points
Librarian 85 points
Command Squad Marine 25 points
Veteran Marine 25 points
Terminators 50 points
Assault Terminators 50 points
Tactical Marines 20 points
Scouts 16 points
Assault Marine 28 points
Bike Marines 45 points
Scout Bikers 40 points
Devastators 20 points

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