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The warping powers of Chaos always leave an effect on the minds of those who embrace it. But sometimes, those powers can also leave a physical effect, a mutation. Many mutations are granted as gifts from a patron god. Some are given as punishment or either on the whims of the fickle gods of Chaos. Either way, these mutations most often give those affected some form of benefit.



Below is a list of mutations that represent physical changes wrought upon the followers of Chaos by their gods. You can purchase these mutations as if they were wargear for characters or as upgrades to individual squad members. If you choose to go with the latter, up to one in five Chaos Marines in a squad can be given mutations, unless the army's leader wears the Mark of Nurgle, in which case up to two in every five squad members may be given mutations. The only Cult Marines that can be given mutations are Plague Marines and Noise Marines; Khorne is not so quick to alter his followers' bodies, and the Thousand Sons' bodies have been turned to dust for the express reason of not being affected by mutation.

All mutations must be represented on the model. The first cost listed is for characters, the second for squad members.

Tentacles: The model has had one of its limbs replaced by a writhing mass of tentacles. The model may never use a second one-handed weapon or a heavy weapon. The tentacles can be used in hand to hand combat to tie up one of an opponent's limbs, preventing them from gaining an additional attack for having two close combat weapons. Cost: 5/2

Telescoping Legs: The model's legs have been given the ability to stretch so that the model towers above his opponents. The model can choose to fire over intervening terrain at an opponent. However, this also puts him in line of sight of your opponent's forces, allowing them to fire at him. If he is shot at while using his telescoping legs to see over terrain in this manner, he gains a 4+ cover save. Cost: 10/5 (10 for models equipped with heavy weapons)

Wings: The character has sprouted a pair of horrific leathery wings from his back. Wings allow a character to move as if he had a jump pack. Independent Characters only. Cost: 20/unavailable

Spikes & Blades: The model has grown sharp spikes, blades, horns, tusks, or even a tail. This mutation counts as an additional close combat weapon in hand to hand, even if the model already has an additional close combat weapon. Cost: 10/3
Boney Ridges: The model's bones have stretched and morphed to give it a hard ridge of bone that gives it extra protection. These ridges give the model +1 Toughness. Cost: 25/8

Animal Senses: The model's senses have been enhanced through the growth of wolf-like ears, insectoid eyes, even antennae. These senses allow the model to detect hidden models within 8" as if it had an auspex. Cost: 5/2

Exceptionally Tall: The model's body has been stretched by his patron god to make him very tall. This height gives him an advantage in hand to hand combat, allowing him to strike from 2" away with his full number of attacks. The model must be part of a squad already involved in a combat to do this, however. The model must be twice its normal height to represent this mutation. Cost: 30/5 (10 for Raptors or squad members armed with power weapons, including Terminators)

Fearsome Appearance: The model's appearance has taken on some new hideous form that terrifies opponents. This can be a reptilian head, or a gaping maw in its torso. Opponents fighting the model in hand to hand combat suffer a -1 to their WS. Cost: 10/3

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