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[Being a study on the forces of the Dark Gods]


by Erik Whitney

Chaos terminators seem to be a great buy, but are they really? For those of you out there, there are a few different type of Chaos Terminators from which you could make. Here is the list: A. Basic Terminator, B. Aspiring Champion Terminator Chaos Undivided Mark(retinue), C. Aspiring Champion Terminator Khorne Mark(retinue), D. Khorne Cult Terminator, E. Aspiring Champion Nurgle Terminator(retinue), F. Nurgle Cult Terminator, G. Aspiring Champion Slaanesh Terminator(retinue), H. Slaanesh Cult Terminator, I. Aspiring Champion Tzeentch Terminator(retinue), J. Tzeentch Cult Terminator

And for the truly Terminator Chaos player, Cult Terminator Aspiring Champion Terminator with Mark of apprpriate Chaos God (retinue)

We will use the basic 5 man Terminator squad with no upgrade weapons so it doesn’t get confusing.

Now we shall look at the difference between an Aspiring Champion (A.C.) Terminator and a Cult Terminator A.C. Terminator cost +15 + Mark, Cult Terminator cost +20

A.C. Terminators are NOT fearless, where as Cult Terminators ARE fearless.

A.C Terminators MAY be possessed, where as Cult Terminators CANNOT be possessed.

A.C. Terminators with a Mark may pick from the GIFT section of their God if they can use it wearing Terminator Armour, where as Cult Terminators cannot pick from the GIFT section.

Now on to the Cost difference:

A. 5 basic terminator squad = 36 points per figure = 180 enough said.

B. 5 Aspiring Champion Terminators Chaos Undivided Mark (retinue): Creating Aspiring Champion Terminators "undivided" = 36 points + 15 for Aspiring Champion +0 for mark chaos undivided = 51 points per figure x 5 = 255

Why have A. C. Terminators with Chaos Undivided Mark. 1. If the HQ dies and they need to make a moral check at any time during the game each figure gets to re-roll a failed moral check for the group! And the Mark is free!

Another "huge’ reason is a Greater Demon. The best way to use a greater Demon is to have it possess a figure where you want it to be most effective. There is no better way than to have your terminators teleport where you want them on the battlefield and then roll 6 dice (1 for your HQ) 5 for you’re A.C. Terminators before melee and have your Greater Demon come into play! Surrounded by your HQ(hopefully) and 4 other Terminators! Note: your terminators may not melee the turn they teleported, but your Greater Demon can.

The only other reason would be to purchase from the Armoury. But the only item you can purchase in the Armoury that you cannot purchase for A. basic Terminators is a pair of Lightning Claws at a cost of 30 points. Very costly if you want a Terminator assault Squad with Lightning Claws.

C. 5 A.C. Khorne Terminator squad = 51 + 5 for Mark of Khorne (+1 Str) = 56 points per figure x 5 = 280

D. 5 Khorne Cult Terminator squad = 56 (+1 Str) points per figure x 5 = 280

E. 5 A.C. Nurgle Terminator squad = 51 + 10 for the Mark of Nurgle (+1 T) = 61 points per figure x 5 = 305

F. 5 Nurgle Cult Terminator squad = 56 (+1 T) points per figure x 5 = 280

The Nurgle Cult Terminator is cheaper than the A.C. Terminator with the Mark of Nurgle by an amount of 25 points. But the Nurgle Cult Terminator does NOT get the Gift Section.

G. 5 A.C. Slaanesh Terminator squad = 51 + 5 for the Mark of Slaanesh (+1 Att) = 56 points per figure x 5 = 280

H. 5 Slaanesh Cult Terminator squad = 56 (+1 Att) per figure x 5 = 280

The point cost is the same but as the A.C. Terminators get to use the Gift section, The Slaanesh Cult Terminator get to choose from the Noise Marine Weapons as follows:

I. 5 A.C. Tzeentch Terminator squad = 51 + 5 for Mark of Tzeentch (do not need to pass a psychic test) = 56 points per figure x 5 = 280

J. 5 Tzeentch Cult Terminator squad = 56 (Shooting attacks Strength 4 or less will not effect a Thousand Sons Terminator) per figure x 5 = 280

The point cost may be the same but definatlly not the specials. You’re A.C. Terminators have no use for the Mark of Tzeentch since they are not Sorcerers, but still get the basic armoury and possession. However, the Tzeentch Cult Terminators are protected against any firing weapon of strength 4 or less.

For those who are Terminator crazy, here is what you get if you combine cult Terminators with A.C. Terminators with the Mark of their God.

1.A.C. Cult Terminator with Mark of Chaos Undivided gives you nothing since there is no Cult Chaos Undivided.

2. A.C. Cult Terminator with Mark of Khorne(+2 Str) = 76 points per figure x 5 = 380 points

3. A.C. Cult Terminator with Mark of Nurgle(+2 T) = 81 points per figure x 5 = 405 points

4. A.C. Cult Terminator with Mark of Slaanesh(+2 Att) = 76 point s per figure x 5 = 380 points

5. A.C. Cult Terminator with Mark of Tzeentch gives you no other bonus besides the Cult Special. = 76 points per figure x 5 = 380

Final View. If your not looking for a themed Terminator Squad and don’t have a Greater Demon choose (A). If you don’t want a themed T. Squad but have a Greater Demon choose (B) its cheaper. If you want a themed T.Squad and have a Greater Demon choose the A.C. Terminators from each section. Otherwise, the Cult Terminators are far better off to play.


Terminator Deep Strike.

Terminators are best when they Deep Strike onto the battlefield where they are needed most. But there are some considerations you need to remember. Deep Strike means you need to roll the direction dice and 2d6 to see where they land. Hopefully they land on target, but you should always count on them moving in any direction on 2d6 inches. This means on average the Terminators will move from 6" to 9" inches away from your target site. But that may be ok if you have thought about your Terminators doing that. A combi-meltagun can shoot up to 12" away. Although the meltagun drops to 8 + 1d6 instead of 2d6 after 6 inches for vehicle penetration it can still do its job. The Flame Template can reach 8" and the Autocannon can reach 48", and the Bolters reach 24". This means that even if you move a few inches away from target you will still have targets to shoot at i.e. vehicles and troops.

Are Terminators good in a non Deep Strike Mission? Not really. They are to far away to do much damage since they are better for assault, and will usually draw fire from your enemy before they can reach a target, except of course the autocannon, but then you only get one. Placing the Terminators in front of a Chaos Dreadnought seems dangerouse and it is if the Dreadnought becomes frenzy, but then again moving your Terminators and your Dreadnought behind them protects your Dreadnought while you get closer.

Should I get a Teleport Homer so my Terminators don’t scatter? Yes. It is a good idea, but how should you do it? First off, only a character or A.C. can get it. If your Character is in Terminator armor don’t bother because who knows when he will come out. Same with a basic troop rhino idea. They may get 12" or they may not, depending if the rhino survives, and even then the movement is limited. So, the best way is to have your Character choose a Jump Pack and leap to where you want the homer placed, or Raptors with an A.C. and homer so they can also Jump Pack to where you want them. Since Jump Packs allow leaping over building this allows not just a 12" move but crucial tactics. Instead of moving through streets and maybe get blocked or a destroyed rhino.


Terminator Attacks

Should I choose range attack or assault for my Terminators? Both seems to be the best answer, and why not they already come with a power weapon and you can easily upgrade to a power fist single lightning claw or chainfist for cheap points. Lets use a 5 man basic Terminator squad again at a cost of 180 points. 3 Terminators with Combi-meltagun can take out vehicles at a range of 12" for 3 points each it comes to 9 points. This allows the option of using all 3 to destroy a vehicle or just one or two, allowing you to save the other melta shot for another vehicle. The Autocannon is nice giving you a 7 Strength and 4 AP at 20 points, but my favorite is the Heavy Flamer for 15 points. I think it’s a good tactic to teleport in and flame any troops around before they shoot at your Terminators. Since you can only have one the total is 15 points for the Heavy Flamer. For the last Terminator I also choose the Combi-Flamer at a cost of 2 points so I get that extra Flame attack against the same troop allowing more casualty. As for the melee section, 3 with power weapons will attack at 4 initiative and one with a Chainfist at 8 points will make sure a vehicle is destroyed and one with a power fist at 5 points will also help in that order, also the Chainfist and PowerFist can be used against tough creatures but remember that they strike last.

What to do about weapons that terminate Terminators. Against vehicles your best move is to teleport there and take them out with a combi-melta gun. Against Heavy Weapon troops like Lascannons, this to is the same tactic. Teleport in and shoot them dead. But the tricky part is what about troops that have a person with a power weapon that allows no save. This is a big problem. If you don’t think you can kill the Character with your weapons because the Character is close to a troop then your options are simple. Stay away from that figure or take your chance entering combat and most likely lose a few or all of the Terminators. This is a hard call and needs to be thought out.


Here is a non-complete list if you would like to finish it.

  • What is missing: a list of each weapon with an ap of 2 or less that can terminate a Terminator with no save or any melee weapon with no armour save.
  • The Cult Noise Marine Weapon selection and point cost (WD issue 234 I believe right hand side with a Chaos Sorcerer on it for weapon choice and WD 230 for weapon costs)

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