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Jarel Corrus began his career as an Adeptus Astartes in the Alpha Legion, where he came to be a lieutenant in rank. He was given control of six squads of Alpha Legion Space Marines, and entrusted with the task of leading them in battle.

Corrus led these squads through numerous battles in the Great Crusade, then used them against the Imperium in the time of the Horus Heresy. Using the guerilla tactics the Alpha Legion employed so often, he and his small band of Marines were cut off from their legion when Corrus decided to exact revenge on a chapter of Ultramarines stationed on Komnis II.

On Komnis II, Corrus and his followers set in motion a rebellion within the populace, feeding them a message that the Ultramarines were really there to oppress the populace, not protect them. It was made easier when the paranoia surrounding the end of the Horus Heresy caused any slight notion of rebellion to be crushed swiftly. Many innocents were caught in the purges, and this gave truth to the lies Corrus was feeding the people.

After six years of building an underground army, Corrus had them launch a planet-wide assault on the Ultramarines. Thousands of rebels died, but they managed to kill every last one of the Ultramarines. Corrus and his men marched into the planetary governor's palace and took over, declaring Komnis II to be their world.

The loss of a company would not go unnoticed, even with the pursuit of the fleeing Traitor Legions taking up most of the attentions of the Imperial forces. A large Imperial Guard army was sent with two companies of Ultramarines to take back Komnis II, and in under a year the world was back in Imperial hands. Of the Alpha Legion Marines, nothing was found.

Corrus and his men moved quickly, before the retribution force could arrive. They had taken the world's ship-building facilities and built a massive battleship to carry them, taking crew from most of the planet's fleet and leaving their defensive ships undermanned. This would prove fatal for the people on those ships, but Corrus had left the world behind, not caring what the fate of those people was. All he cared was that it would cost a great number of lives and a heavy loss of equipment to take back Komnis II. He has his revenge.

He took his battleship, the Gorgon, to the Maelstrom, where he and his men defeated a band of pirates and took their world and fleet to preside over. With this small fleet he now had, Corrus moved swiftly to build a small empire for himself, comprised of a dozen systems in the Maelstrom. Once he was finished, he had over a hundred ships at his command, and thousands of ready warriors.

Corrus launched a number of small excursions into the Imperium, sometimes trusting some of his sergeants, now champions in the cause of the Traitor Marines, to lead small forces and bring rebellion to dozens of worlds. Sometimes he would take a world and its resources with force, but most often he used subtlety and words of reason against the Imperium to persuade the populace to see things his way. He would almost always turn his back on a world once he was finished with it, leaving it to the Imperial armies he knew would come to retake it, but in this manner he built up a large fleet that carried a tremendous army, equipped with the best that over fifty worlds had to offer.

Through the centuries, and then millennia, Corrus and his followers gained the favor of the gods of Chaos. Together, they chose to bless these champions and bestow upon them gifts of various mutations. Corrus himself found that he had become stronger, more resilient, and began to feel a power surging through his veins that was stronger than anything he had felt before.

With the Chaos gods affirming their faith, the Alpha Legion warriors under Corrus' control began to instill the teachings of Chaos and its promises into many a planetary population. They used agents to corrupt the people, who would then call for the aid of the dark gods in overthrowing the False Emperor. That aid came in the form of daemons, daemons who stalked the battlefield and slaughtered those still loyal to the Imperium.

In recent years, Corrus has slowed his assaults, deciding to bring together his resources and gather them for one massive assault that would deal a mighty blow to the Imperium. Under his command is now a mighty fleet, backed by new ships constructed in the orbiting shipyards of his worlds in the Maelstrom. An army of tremendous size stands ready to do his bidding, following the orders of the sixty warriors Corrus started his long war with. Dozens of worlds have had to be reclaimed in his wake, leaving billions dead who had turned to the worship of Chaos. And every year, Corrus knows he draws closer to his destiny of becoming a mighty Daemon Prince, infused with the power of his gods.

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