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[Being a study on the methods and culture of the ancient Necrontyr race]

Transmitted:  Magos Biologis Research Station: Denebar
Received:  Nallisea III
Date: 8722999.M41
Astropath: Prime Estellis
Ref: INQ.XB.13193/N
Collated by: Magos Biologis Urieth Malkar

Recent Necrontyr Hardware Upgrades

My Lord,

Recently we have begun noticing new hardware packages being installed on Necrontyr facing our forces. It is imperative that you are informed of these new upgrades, and pass this information along to those who can best use it.

The most noticeable recent change in hardware is the disruption field employed by a number of Necrontyr warriors. Most of these Necrontyr appear to be more elegant and streamlined than the ones we have been facing up to this point, so it is possible that they are either a 'higher form' of Necrontyr or have had more advanced shells built for themselves. Whatever the reason, they are certainly more advanced than before. The disruption field is a grand example of this. Rather than relying on gauss 'grenades' to attack our vehicles in close quarters, Necrontyr equipped with disruption fields can simply walk up to them and damage them with relative ease. The disruption field allowing them to do this works in a very similar manner to the gauss grenades. However, instead of placing a small container on the vehicle that disrupts the vehicle's molecules and stores away a sample for later study, the entire Necrontyr body now performs that function. It appears that the Necrontyr have a permanent 'gauss field' around them, excited by their electromagnetic field. This field removes random particles from objects around the Necrontyr and stores them as codes in the Necrontyr's memory banks. The most damaging side effect of this molecular breakdown is that soldiers fighting the Necrontyr often get nauseous, and many die from sever hemorrhaging brought on by internal injuries. Another side effect is that equipment tends to fail and begins to break apart. This field would not be much of a serious problem for our vehicles, were it not for the Necrontyr's ability to direct the field and focus it, allowing them to bring the full field to bear on a nearby vehicle. Even then it would not be though of as a problem, save for those few Necrontyr that equipped with upgraded dermal plating allowing them to smash through a vehicle's weakened armour. However, most Necrontyr work in squads, allowing a group of them to severely weaken a vehicle's armour before they attack. I have not yet found a way to counter this field, but I am working on it.

An upgrade to an already existing Necrontyr system is the Phylactery. This is basically a vastly improved Necrontyr self repair and diagnostics system. It works on the same basis as all Necrontyr repair systems; that is, it uses miniature drones to move about and reshape portions of the Necrontyr, either repairing or replacing damaged systems. The Phylactery contains highly advanced repair drones, which are far more efficient than normal repair drones. These drones contain a wide range of repair tools, as well as electronics and wiring, any of which can be pulled out and patched into the Necrontyr at any time.  In the event that an area is too heavily damaged to repair using normal methods, a phylactery drone will attach itself to the damaged region and reshape its internal and external body plates, electronics, and wiring to repair the damage, occasionally rerouting some of the Necrontyr's systems through unconventional means when needed. For more information on the Phylactery, see my full report on the device.

The Phase Shifter is an alternate form of the C'tan Phase Field.  Instead of a device worn by its user, the Phase Shifter is built into a Necrontyr's chest. The effect is still the same, in that it moves the user in and out of realspace, making him corporeal one instant and non-corporeal the next. See my report on Necrontyr Equipment for a full description of how the C'tan Phase Field works.

The Nightmare Shroud is another new form of hardware. It creates a 'shroud' of psychic energy around the Necrontyr. Within this shroud, non-Necrontyr sentients are treated to a psychic stimulus that brings their worst nightmares to the fore of their mind, transforming the already menacing Necrontyr into a hideous monster that would surely destroy the sentient in its mind.  This appears to be another of the Necrontyr's psychological weapons, and has been noted to be rather effective on the field of battle. I have found no way to reverse the effect or even nullify it, but it has been noted that on one occasion a Cullexus Assassin was able to approach a Necrontyr equipped with a Nightmare Shroud without a problem, suggesting that the Shroud requires its victim to have a warp presence (a 'soul') to be affected.

I hope you have found this report most useful. I will continue to report to you any new hardware or equipment found in our investigations of the Necrontyr.

ADDENDUM I (8780999.M41)

A new addition to the Necrontyr armour is the Warscythe. This is the name given to a class of weapons made from the same unknown materials as the Necrontyr ships and the C'tan Necrodermis. The 'living metal' used in the creation of these weapons gives them superior strength and a cutting edge that is able to slice through practically any material, including the armour of a Leman Russ main battle tank, or the sides of an adamantine bunker.

ADDENDUM II (8782999.M41)

The Chronometron is an interesting device. It has the ability to slow time imperceptibly around a Necrontyr and his personal retinue. This allows them to react faster in the pursuit of their foes or in a tactical withdrawal. It works by bending time around the Necrontyr in a small bubble, just extending past it a small amount.

ADDENDUM III (8782999.M41)
Lightning Field

The Lightning Field is a new protective device that is placed directly in a Necrontyr Lord's metal body. The field extends to cover the Lord's personal retinue as well, by emitting a small pulse of data carrying specified commands to the electro-magnetic pulse generators of other Necrontyr. When the Lord and his retinue are struck by blows in personal combat, the field activates, sending out a small pulse of focused electro-magnetic energy directed at the individual that scored a hit on the Necrontyr. This pulse is not generally deadly, but it will usually be strong enough to take a soldier out of action for several hours, or at the very least weaken him significantly.

ADDENDUM IV (8783999.M41)
Resurrection Orb

A new device designed to counter the use of powerful weaponry or powered weapons against Necrontyr is the Resurrection Orb. This device is a small orb held by a Necrontyr Lord, or attached to his Staff of Light. The orb emits a mixed pulse of energy over a distance of approximately 20m that augments the self-repair drones contained within all Necrontyr and prevents them from shorting out or being completely destroyed by destructive weaponry. This allows the Necrontyr within the radius of the orb's effects to repair horrendous damage, including that which would normally totally destroy a Necrontyr drone.

ADDENDUM V (8786999.M41)
Solar Pulse

The Solar Pulse is a basic protective device, built into the shell of a Necrontyr Lord's body. It emits a short burst of bright light that makes it all but impossible to accurately target the Lord and surrounding Necrontyr, and sometimes has been known to blind Imperial soldiers. In night conditions, this pulse also allows the Lord and Necrontyr within his retinue to clearly see for a short period of time. Whatever the reason, the pulse cannot be used more than once in the space of a few hours.

Your obedient servant,
Magos Biologis Urieth Malkar