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[Being a study on the methods and culture of the ancient Necrontyr race]

Transmitted:  Inquisition Station: Adobet
Received:  Denebar
Date: 8782999.M41
Astropath: Prime Estellis
Author: Inquisitor Lord Mandius

On the Subject of the C'tan

Fellow Inquisitors,

It has come to my attention through various means that the beings known as the C'tan have an objective we may be unwittingly aiding in our pursuit for and distribution of knowledge regarding the Necrontyr race.

The C'tan are ancient and supreme being. I have no doubts that they are highly advanced in thought as well as physical form. One would think they would realize that no attack they can mount at this time would be powerful enough to bring down even a remote sector, much less do any more harm to our grand Imperium.

So then, why do they attack us? Well, to be certain, they are studying us. Studying our bodies, studying our technology, studying our psyche, our weaponry, our tactics, our readiness. But I believe there is another reason. I believe the C'tan hope to spread fear through these raids, fear of the Necrontyr race. This fear is very damaging, as it saps the morale of our people, especially our fighting forces.

Worst of all for the morale of our fighting forces is the leakage of reports regarding the C'tan. While our soldiers know that the Necrontyr can be stopped, there are no known occasions of any creature, be it man or daemon, besting a C'tan. Their awesome power has been documented, however. This is as the C'tan would prefer it. Their very presence can shatter the spirit of any army.

I fear this is a direct result of the secret reports being prepared by the Adeptus Mechanicus being leaked to other parties. I know that my man in the field and his superiors are not leaking this information, so these leaks are likely coming from the Imperial Guard and Navy officers trusted with it.

The solution to such a problem is not easy to formulate. We need to continue research into this ancient race, yet we need to control its audience. I believe the best resolution would be to allow the Adeptus Mechanicus to continue research, but bar them from disseminating the information to anyone save a select few Inquisitors who will pass it along to their fellow Inquisitors. This means that the leak is plugged simply by refusing anything to get to the person leaking the information.

We also must counter the rumours and publicized reports with a certain amount of 'propaganda' and 'altered reports' of our own, declaring that the C'tan are in fact easily defeated and any loyal soldier of the Imperium can best one in combat. This may not be the truth, but we can back it up with generated images of a C'tan being best by a Space Marine, thus making it easier for the average Guardsmen to believe.

I am sending my recommendations to Magos Biologis Urieth Malkar, requesting that he terminate any communications regarding the C'tan and Necrontyr with anyone outside the Inquisition. Please let me know what your suggestions are concerning other possible means of countering this problem.

In the Emperor's Holy Name,
Inquisitor Mandius Narel