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[Being a study on the methods and culture of the Orkoid races]

Ork Wargear

Ahhhh, the Orks. Man are they cool! With their wacky dialogue and weirdo weapons, they are possibly the most fun army to play with in the entire galaxy. Here's some stuff for you ta use ta crush da humie imperium.


The Kustom Chukka.................25 points
A cunning example of Orky technology, the Kustom Chukka is fitted on an Ork's back so he can fire both the Chukka and any other ranged weapons the ork might have.

Weapon Rng Str AP Type
Kustom Chukka Guess 48" 6 4 Heavy 1 Blast


'Eadbanger.................10 points
This is a specially made steel skull which is popular with Goff orks who want to take their opponents down with them. The 'Eadbanger is fitted with a specially designed frag grenade, which can be detonated by the Ork by enemy fire, or detonated for kamikaze missions. In addition to adding +1 onto the Ork's toughness, any time the Ork is hit, he must roll a d6. On a roll of one, the steel skull has detonated, and the Ork is killed, and anyone within 2" takes a S4 hit with an AP 5. The Skull will automatically detonate if the Ork is defeated in hand-to-hand combat.


Stunner Squig.................12 points
These squigs naturally produce a paralyzing venom that renders its target immobile. This squig may be fired before any close combat phase. Note that it may only fire once. The will take a S4 hit with no AP. If the model fails, it characteristics are halfed, rounding up, for the rest of the game. Note that htis may be corrected by a medi-pack.

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