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[Being a study on the methods and culture of the Orkoid races]

General Description of the Ork Race

The Orks are a savage, and brutal race who love war. They are the dominant element of a race of Orkoids that includes Orks, Gretchin, and Snotlings. The Orks are in charge because they are the biggest, toughest, meanest, and most warlike of their kind.

The Ork mind is specialised: it is devoted wholly to the pursuit of power and war. Orks are brave and tough, and their bodies have a natural resilience which allows them to survive traumatic injuries and the most primitive of surgery.


Gretching are much like Orks, though not as brutal, strong, or tough as their larger cousins. The smaller Gretchin are more clever and cunning.


Snotlings' main role in Ork society is the cultivation of fungus. They also look after the Squigs. Snotlings are bred and raised by a class of Orks known as Runtherds.

Nobz and Warlords

Nobz are Ork Nobles. They are wealthy, battle-hardened veterans who have gotten to where they are by being bigger, tougher, and meaner than anybody else. Nobz can be found in positions of command or organised into their own select bands. They prefer the company of other Orks of equal status, and Nobz units are usually very well armed and equipped.

The most powerful and prestigious Nobz are given the title Warboss or Warlord. The finest trophy a Warlord can have is a Space Marine helmet. Orks judge the worth of a Warlond by the quantity and quality of the enemies he has defeated in battle.

When a Warlord's authority is challenged, the Warlord simply takes on any rival contenders in gladiatorial combat in a pit fight.

Ork Freebooterz

The Freebooterz exist on the fringe of Ork Kultur. They are small roving bands of pirates, bandits and mercenaries belonging to no Waagh! or clan. They are eager for adventure, combat, and booty.

These motly crews have long since abandoned any clan loyalties. The Freebooter band is now the only home they have. They roam the galaxy in small dilapidated spacecraft and hide out on isolated planets and large asteroids. The band is led by a hardened Boss or Kaptin. They use the sign of the Jolly Ork to set them apart.


Orks use Squigs for everything from food to hair and beards to ammunition, and sometimes even pets! For some reason, anywhere Orks settle, Squigs will develop. No one knows exactly why.

Orky Know-Wotz


There are many types of Oddboyz, the most important of which are Mekboyz, Painboyz, Runtherds, and Weirdboyz.

Mekboyz make and maintain the Orks' wepons, wargear, and vehicles. They are essential to an Ork Waagh!.

Painboyz are the Ork battle surgeons, and they work with the Mekboyz to install mechanical bitz on the Ork boyz.

Runtherds train the Gretchin and Snotlings, and are responsible for the breeding of them.

Weirdboyz are psykers with unpredictable powers. Most Weirdboyz are forced to live outside the Ork village, as they are considered too dangerous to livae amongst the general Ork population.

Bikes, Buggies, and Da' Kult of Speed

The Orks' love of fast vehicles, known by the Orks as Da' Kult of Speed, accounts for the vast array or customized buggies, bikes, and ramshackle vehicles that can be musted by an Ork warband.

Ork Dreadnoughts

An Ork Dreadnought is piloted by an Ork who has been surgically implanted into the machine by the combined efforts of an Ork Painboy and an Ork Mekboy. Most Ork Dreadnoughts have four arms, although there is a small, two-armed version. However, the fact that the four-armed version is both bigger and capable of carrying twice as much weaponry makes it the most powerful.

Kustom Weapons

Ork Kustom weapons can be bizarre and weird in form, they can be both powerful and dangerous to their user at the same time, as no Mekaniak would ever admit to any shortcomings in their creations.

The Waaagh!

Orks are evolved primarily for fighting, and this leads to rivalry and even outright war between the different tribes. Although this gives the impression that Orks are disorganised and rebellious, they are actually capable of a high degree of cooperation. The Techno-Magi of the Adeptus Mechanicus have identified low levels of background psychic energy in the minds of all Orks and Gretchin.

As a particular Warlord grows in power, other Orks are attracted to his armies, and clamour to assume subordinate positions under his command. This means that Ork armies can assemble very quickly, growing into massive hoards appearing out of nowhere and attacking unsuspecting planets. A Waagh! will last until the Orks are defeated, or until they run out of enemies.

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