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The Dragon is a Chimera variant designed for a fast, mobile heavy punch.  Its heavy plasma cannon is capable of doing massive amounts of damage to vehicles and structures.



Chimedon assault vehicles have had their turret strengthened to mout a short barreled battle cannon similar to those carried by a Leman Russ. The battle cannon's powerful armour-piercing shells can easily smash opposing tanks, giving it tremendous tactical flexibility when combined with the Chimera's sturdy and maneuverable hull. They provide supporting fire for platoons of infantry which are facing enemy armour or dug-in infantry. They are also used in the mobile formations such as the SOCs and armoured cavalry to replace tanks.



Chimerax assault vehicles are easily recognisable because their turret has been upgraded to mount four light autocannon. These multiple autocannon allow the Chimerax to lay down a withering curtain of fire. This is highly effective for keeping enemy infantry, light skimmers and flyers at bay even though the Chimerax is not equipped with complex tracking and ranging sensors like its larger cousin, the Hydra self propelled anti-aircraft gun.


Jungle Clearance Vehicle (JCV)

The STC for the Jungle Clearance Vehicle, or JVC, was found in 673.M35 on the small colony world Koliop. The design is a Chimera hull reconfigured with machinery used to clear forestry and jungle. The only armament on the vehicle is a signle hullÜmounted forward firing heavy bolter. The turret has been replaced with a chemical sprayer, its purpose to spray antiÜplant toxins across a wide area. The Chimera's troop compartment has been replaced with holding tanks for the anti-plant toxins. The frontal hull has had multiple cutting instruments attached, from giant chainsaws to large slicing claws. A wide dozer blade is also attached to the front of the vehicle, which is employed in clearing out the foliage killed and torn apart by the vehicle's cutting instruments and chemical sprayer. The JCV has proven instrumental in many battles on jungle worlds, but has so far had a less than perfect record on death worlds.


Mobile Bridge (MoB)

The Mobile Bridge (MoB) is a field modification ordered by Hespia III Commander Jorge Correli. Correli was faced with the task of moving a large contingent of Imperial Guarsmen and tanks over an area criss-crossed with rivers and creeks. Without any bridges, the column was stalled in their advance upon rebel forces. Rather than give up, Correli ordered his men to created a set of bridges using the scrap from wrecked tanks. These bridges were just strong enough to allow one tank to pass at a time. The bridges were also small, so a half dozen Chimeras were modified to carry them by removing the troop compartment and turret. The process of setting up and retreiving the bridges was slow, as it had to be done manually. But because the modification was so successful, the TechPriests of Veld I decided to produce an advanced Mobile Bridge Layer, referred to as the MoB. The MoB was designed with an automated positioning and retrieval system for the bridge, as well a much stronger bridge. Several hundred MoBs have been built since its creation, and they have been distributed to regiments across the Imperium.