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[Being a study on the methods and culture of the rebellious Demiurgs]


The Squat strain of abhumans was created in the Age of Strife, when the Imperium was cut apart by warp storms.  The worlds known now to the Squats as the Home Worlds were cut off for several millennia during this time.  Due to the heavy gravity of the worlds, which had been colonized mainly for mining, the human settlers became shorter and stronger.  These changed humans came to be known as the Squats.

The Squat Home Worlds are bleak and barren, barely able to sustain life of any kind.  The Squats live for the most part in fortresses built on the sides of mountains, or within the complex tunnel systems that allow them to mine the planets' heavy minerals.

The Squats have had a long and hard history.  Twenty millenia before the present day, the mining colonies were set up on the Home Worlds and everything was normal.  All of mankind was in constant contact.  The Home Worlds prospered, in a sense, made wealthy by their abundant supply of raw materials for sale.   But this did not last long.  Two millenia later, the Home Worlds were isolated by warp storms.  Some planets were lost to the storms, never to be seen again.   Supplies of food and fuel were almost entirely cut off, and the miner had to come up with substitutes.  Through a need greater than any known before, the miners became technical experts, able to work wonders with the materials on-hand.

During this time, the colonies became independent, trading between themselves and sharing knowledge and resources.  The Engineers Guild was first created, as well as the Leagues, which were coalitions between groups of strongholds.  The forming of the Leagues was of great importance, for it allowed portions of the Home Worlds to unite with an even more efficient social and political structure.


When the warp storms first began to fall away, the Squats began to have their first encounters with alien races.  These races were the Orks and the Eldar.  At first there was war between the Squats and these races, but with time the Orks and the Eldar realized that it was far more efficient to trade with the Squats than to fight them.  The Squats traded minerals for weapons, foodstuffs, and high technology goods.  They worked with Eldar to create wonderous technology, including the hydroponic plants that provide their food.  The Squats managed to have a sort of peace with both races, even while the Eldar and Orks fought each other viciously.   They still had wars with the other races, but nothing major.  This lasted for three millenia, until an Ork battlefleet led by Grunhag the Flayer invaded the Home Worlds.  Both Orks and Squats took heavy losses in the war to come.  The Squats asked the Eldar for aid against the Ork, but their pleas were ignored.  The Squats felt betrayed, not just by the Orks but also by the Eldar.  They hated both with equal fervor.  Many strongholds were lost to the Orks, and still lie hidden away from the Squats.

As the Imperium recoved from the Age of Strife they began to bring back together the worlds that had made up the original realms of man.  The Squat Home Worlds were among those worlds rediscovered.  In the time that followed, the Squats began expanding their realms outward, while the Imperium watched on with interest at the new race that had developed.  The Imperium and the Squats existed with a sense of peace between them, with the Imperium believing the Squats to be a part of its members.  The Squats, for the most part, still viewed themselves as independent and continue to use their own cultural beliefs and structure.


For millennia, the Squats had a tentatively friendly relationship with the Imperium. The two empires traded, learned from each other, and gave aid to each other when needed. All of that has changed.

Early on in the relationship between the two, an event happened that would stress the relationship. The Adeptus Mechanicus had been requesting that the Squats teach them the secrets of their warp drives for centuries, but the Squats refused time after time.  The Tech Priests, sure that the could do as good a job as the Squats, tried to form their own version of the technology. The first tests were to be performed at Ganymede. Instead of sending the Machina Gloria into the warp as was planned, the drives imploded.  A hole was torn in the fabric of realspace, and Warp space spilled out into it. Ganymede was abandoned by the Adeptus Mechanicus, and the Squats were later blamed for the incident.

The next stress in the relationship between the two began in the early 40th millennium. A large Squat colony had been established on Thanes I, a lush world with beautiful jungles and mountain chains rich in minerals. The Imperial Commander Lucas Flense had decided that Thanes was meant for the Imperium, and immediately ordered his fleet to attack when he found the colony. The planet was bombarded from space, leaving forty million Squats dead in a matter of hours.

The last straw came when the Squats tried to expand their empire outwards in the mid-41st millenium. As they moved to inhabit a series of systems to the east of the Homeworlds, they encountered strong resistance from Imperial forces. Many colony ships were destroyed, and millions of Squats died at the hands of the Imperial navy commanders.

In 997.M41, their patience with the Imperium gone, the Squats declared an open war on the Imperium, striking at them across a dozen systems. The initial strikes were successful, but ultimately the Squats' move was a futile one. The Imperium's response was overwhelming. Within the space of two years, over two dozen Squats strongholds had been destroyed, and the Squat military had been all but wiped out. Faced with extinction, the Squats pulled all their forces back to the Homeworlds.  The Imperium stationed fleets along the borders of Squat space, sealing off the Squats and declaring them to be dangerous abhumans that had to be destroyed.

Many of the Squat Brotherhoods did not accept this turn of events. They secretly gathered on Fordin, putting their minds together to come up with a plan that would save their people.  They decided that an open battle was futile and would result in the loss of their race. A guerrilla war was the only course left to them. And so they armed themselves for a style of war they had never fought in, and began attacking Imperial worlds.   Even with this decision, many of the Squats turned to fighting an open war.

All across the Imperium, stories of Squat terrorists began popping up. From Invus came the tale of an armoured company  destroyed by Squats emerging from the sands of the Khemlis Desert, armed with explosive charges and energized mining picks.  From Huln came the story of a group of Squats emerging from the mines to assault and destroy the Imperial colonies on that planet. Brand new Squat ships were seen travelling through the galaxy, taking in asteroids and processing them for their raw materials. Rumours abounded of factories within these ships, giving the Squats mobile fortresses and arms manufacturing.

Once again, the Imperium found itself the attention of the Squat warriors. And found itself unable to stop them.


When the Imperium decided to break off its relationship with the Squats, it did so with extreme prejudice. Those Squats who were within Imperial borders or serving in the Imperial military were immediately enslaved and placed in regiments by themselves. These regiments became known to others as the Suicide Regiments, sent into battle before human regiments, usually taking a horrible number of casualties with every battle they fought in.

Around the Squat Homeworlds, outposts were set up and armies were stationed. Deathwatch Marines observed the movements of the Squats within this ring of planets, making sure there was no way they could escape without being noticed and then being attacked by an Imperial army. It seemed as if the Squats were trapped, doomed to be destroyed at the Imperium's leisure.

The vast majority of the Squat warriors did not accept these actions, and they planned vengeance on the Imperium. Many of them became enraged to the point that they broke off all ties with their stronghold, forming bands of merciless fighters seeking their own brand of vengeance on the Imperium. They became far more dangerous and ferocious than the Berserkers.  They took whatever ships they could find, loaded them up with weapons and provisions, and began their crusade against the Imperium. To the Squats, they became known as the Lost, for they would never again return to their homes and their people.

Even so, most of the warriors who decided on revenge had a different idea. They decided to fight a shadow war against the Imperium, using guerilla tactics and their own knowledge of mining techniques and mechanical weaponry to help them defeat their foes. They built large factory ships that could sustain them and strip the raw materials from an asteroid, using them to create new weapons of war to be used against the Imperium.  Splitting up into hundreds of separate bands, they decided to unify themselves by naming themselves after one of the behemoths that had stalked the Homeworlds and terrorized many colonists in early Squat history. These Squats became known as the Demiurgs.

The Demiurgs have spent many of the past several years fighting their war against the Imperium. They appear almost from nowhere, destroying buildings and tanks and cutting down Imperial soldiers. When they have encountered their own kind being pressed into Imperial service, they have rescued them and turned them into fellow Demiurgs. Their warpaint gives them a frightening appearance, and many an old wife has used tales of the Under-Daemons, the Demiurgs, to frighten their children into being good. The Demiurgs became a thorn in the side of the Imperium, one that had dug in so deep that no method tried would remove it. The Demiurgs were too many and too scattered to stop, and so the Imperium has settled back to fight one of  the hardest foes it has had to face. The Demiurgs have only just started, and they plan on making sure the Imperium knows their feelings on the enslavement and persecution of their kin.