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[Being a study of the horrendous war between the Old Ones and the Necrontyr]

Alaitoc's Gamble

Tileath leaned back in his seat, looking around at the other Farseers assembled. "I see no way around our problem, brother Seers."

"No way we can destroy this abomination?" Yrtesh asked, his eyes showing great concern.

"No," answered Milan. "There is no way to destroy it. Meditate on the future. Look at all strands of fate. See where the destruction of this world leads."

The Farseers, in unison, closed their eyes, focusing on the myriad strands of fate that wove together and moved apart in seemingly random patterns. They found the connection of fate lines stemming from the destruction of the Culexus Temple, and each ran along separate lines of fate from that point. Each Farseer found himself back with the other Farseers, at a collection of fate lines that played out the horrible death of Alaitoc, stemming from the release of massive amounts of null warp.

Yrtesh opened his eyes and looked around as the others came out of their trance. "So we must carry around this evil until we can find a way to dispose of it? Keep it from the mon-keigh and the Sleeping Ones?"

Tileath rubbed at his eyes. "Yes."

Kh'man looked up, his wizened face hardly visible through the white hair that cascaded down around it. "Sleeping no more, friends. They are awake once more. Do not forget that."

Milan looked down at the floor. "It is ironic that the mon-keigh would embrace their own doom so easily. Train them, even, to take their lives in the future. How utterly mindless and barbaric."

"Don't patronize them too much, Milan," Yrtesh said. "They have not had nearly as much guidance as our own enlightened race. The Old Ones had precious little time to shape them and their thoughts."

Tileath stood up then, leaning on his staff for support. He felt very weary. "I can see no way around our fate. We will fight the mon-keigh and the shining ones for possession of this evil, yet we cannot destroy it. We must protect it with our lives, make sure it does not fall into the hands of those who would use it again."

The other Farseers made comments of agreement as, one by one, they stood and left the chamber. Finally Tileath was left with Kh'man.

"This is not our only concern, Tileath," Kh'man said.

"I know, my old friend. The dark gods are waking up from their slumber, called into action by their people. The mon-keigh are split in their worship of their own gods, the warp gods, and the dark gods. There is a coming conflict we can do nothing to stop. We must hope the preparation we were given by the Old Ones was enough. If it is not, then I fear the entire galaxy shall be lost."

Without another word, the two left the room, following the path of the other Farseers.