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[Being a study of the horrendous war between the Old Ones and the Necrontyr]

Transmitted:  Inquisition Station: Adobet
Received:  Denebar
Date: 8804999.M41
Astropath: Prime Estellis
Author: Inquisitor Lord Ferrus Danth

Rise of the Chaos Gods

Fellow Inquisitors,

I have recently been studying reports from my 'contact' in the Adeptus Mechanicus, and I am glad that I have been able to cooperate with him in keeping the reports from circulating.

AdMech teams sent to several ancient Eldar colonies have been turning up bits and pieces of information regarding the long-term history of the galaxy. Some of this is interesting, some is just legend, but one piece in particular has caught the eye of Magos Malkar and myself. It has been confirmed by Farseers I have spoken to from the Yrldaen craftworld delegation.

It appears that humanity first came into existence millions of years ago. The story of mankind's evolution is missing from many records, but the fact that we as a species came into existence across the galaxy many millions of years ago is much to take in as it is. It confirms some of the theories on how human settlements came to appear on worlds the Imperium had never been to.

No, this is not the reason for my report.

One of the events attributed to the rise of humanity is the downfall of the Warp, the alternate realm in which Chaos exists. If these reports are to be believed, the Warp was originally 'clean', filled with energy but no malevolent daemons or gods. All of that changed with mankind's sudden evolution. Humans are, like the Eldar, linked into the Warp. This allows us to use its power, but it means we affect it in other ways. It appears that the sudden rush of myriad thoughts from humans, thoughts of love, sadness, anger, scheming, pain, fear, hope, coalesced in the Warp into various creatures representing these thoughts. The most powerful became the Chaos 'gods', creatures that fed on the thoughts of humans. Numerous references are made to "mon-keigh" and their role in the births of "Khorn, Tz'eentch, and N'urgal".

If this is true, and it is something we have suspected to be true for quite some time, it shows two things. First, we as a species hold great sway over the shape of the warp and what goes on in it. Second, the Chaos 'gods' are nothing more than entities shaped by the thoughts of men, nothing more. They are far from being true deities like our beloved Emperor.

The Eldar history includes notes on the creation of another 'Chaos' god, or god of the Warp, named M'lal. The records specifically mention him as a creation, not a naturally born entity. As well, there are hints that the gods of the Eldar were warp entities shaped by major beliefs within the Eldar minds, and the mythological stories created by the Eldar came to be true simply because they believed they were true. That a species' minds could hold such powerful is amazing, and yet we share that power.

But the Eldar minds became decadent and awoke a powerful creature, Slaanesh. Slaanesh's birth destroyed billions of Eldar minds. With the deaths of the vast majority of the Eldar population, there was little belief in the protection of their gods. Without beliefs to feed their power, over time the Eldar gods did wane in power until Slaanesh was able to destroy them. The only god still believed in by the Eldar was Khaela Mensha Khaine, whose power grew until he believed he could best Slaanesh. Unfortunately, Slaanesh was now feeding on the thoughts of men as well, and destroyed Khaine. But the Eldar believed he lived on, and so he does, in statues of wraithbone laced with warp power.

As horrible as this sounds, it gives us hope. If we can learn to shape our species' thoughts, we can control the warp through them. Chaos would be weakened, brought down to a level we could could crush it. Humanity could have its own gods, serving the Emperor as the most powerful god of all. It our minds can create such terrible entities as the Chaos 'gods', then what is to stand in the way of us using our psychic strength to create new gods?

I believe this is a topic worthy of discussion at the next Conclave.

In the Emperor's name,
Inquisitor Lord Ferrus Danth, Ordo Malleus