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[Being a study of the horrendous war between the Old Ones and the Necrontyr]

Transmitted:  Inquisition Station: Mortis II
Received:  Travis IV
Date: 8808999.M41
Astropath: Prime Grimm
Author: Brother Jacques DeLevon

Iron Hands Chapter of Space Marines

Lord  Inquisitors,

I am increasingly concerned with the Iron Hands' worship of machines. I understand their zeal is amazing, but their fascination with machines is drawing them toward heresy. Not only because they worship the supposed 'Machine God' as much as they do our esteemed Emperor, either.

The replacement of body parts with metal parts has been seen, to this point, as harmless, a means of the Iron Hands bettering themselves, their bodies. I too shared this view until recently. But more contact with the Adeptus Mechanicus on Mars has coincided with more erratic behavior from the Iron Hands, including a noticeable increase in the speed with which they rush toward fully metallic bodies.

Why is this of concern to us? I was recently with the 3rd company on an investigation mission on the worth Hothos, where Necrontyr pyramids were located. The company commander, Captain Parthius, made several appreciative comments about the technology of the Necrontyr. When we came upon a few Necrontyr still in their stasis chambers (less than .001% of the original population of the pyramid, I'm afraid), Captain Parthius had a look of relish in his eyes as he studied the specimen from multiple angles. In fact, he insisted on taking back some of the Necrontyr for further study on Junta!

I cannot help but believe there is something sinister behind the acceleration of the metalization of the Iron Hands chapter, and I believe it has much in connection with their increased visits to Mars and the rapidly rising number of missions they are sent out on which involve Necrontyr. I urge any Inquisitors in the vicinity of the Iron Hands to investigate this matter further.

For the Emperor on Holy Terra,
Brother Jacques DeLevon