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[Being a study of the horrendous war between the Old Ones and the Necrontyr]


Pariahs have been a recent concern within the Imperium. They are soulless mutants that have a negative presence within the Warp. Pariahs lack the light that all other living creatures have. And for that reason, they are usually cold, unemotional creatures that show no sign of feeling anything.

It was first thought that the Pariahs were a natural occurrence, an odd mutation within the human genome that just happed to produce a soulless person. But the truth is far from this.

Pariahs are humans whose genetic structure has been altered by Necrontyr agents posing as medical workers and other trusted persons who have easy access to many people, especially women who are pregnant. A child's genetic code will be remade while he is still in the womb, through means known only to the Necrontyr. There is no noticeable effect on the women bearing the child at first, but soon she begins to feel discomfort, as do those around her, as the unnatural creature stirring inside her begins to exert a negative warp presence.

As the child grows into maturity and adulthood, his negative warp presence grows larger. The person will naturally be shunned by those around him, as his presence disrupts their own warp presence and causes a sickness in their own soul. Those who are more tapped into the warp are more affected, meaning any psyker will immediately get tremendous headaches and, after long periods of time, suffer traumatic shock as their link to the warp is cut off. This most often results in the death of the psyker.

Pariahs are loners, obviously. They have no place in human society. But the Culexus temple of assassins, formed to hunt down psykers, is a perfect home for such abominations. It is little known that the true purpose of the creation of the Culexus Temple was to give the Necrontyr yet another tool to use against the powerful psykers of the Old Ones and the Eldar. It is for this reason that Pariahs are found more often than one would think possible and brought back to the temple world to train.

But a shocking event has happened recently. The Culexus temple world has been knocked from its orbit by a freak nova. The Alaitoc craftworld's Farseers located the temple world and have gained possession of it, seeking to destroy it along with its seething mass of Pariahs. However, the Farseers have also looked down all paths of the future and recognize that the destruction of the world would release a horrible amount of negative warp energy, rending a hole in warp space and wiping out the Alaitoc craftworld.

The Necrontyr are not finished yet. They have begun to round up Pariahs directly, bringing them back to Necrontyr worlds. Once they are in the custody of the Necrontyr, new bodies are made for them, bodies of metal. The essence of the Pariahs is transferred into these bodies in the same method that the Necrontyr's life essence was transferred into their new bodies. These new creations, still bearing the title Pariah, are given powerful phase weapons and gauss weapons and charged with the task of seeking out and destroying psykers and daemons. Few Pariahs exist within the Necrontyr armies to date, but this seems to be changing quickly. The Old Ones and the Eldar, ever alert to impending threats, have sensed the increasing number of Necrontyr Pariahs, and are now moving to destroy any human Pariahs they find before the Necrontyr can capture them and put them to use.