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  Star Wars

[Being a study of the horrendous war between the Old Ones and the Necrontyr]


In the depths of Mars, a dark entity stirred. He was being pulled from his long slumber, after many thousands of millennia.

As he woke, he moved slowly around the planet, taking in his surroundings. Large cities of metal surrounded him. On closer inspection, he found thee to be filled with Humans. After all these years, even these parasites had survived.

In factories he watched as they manufactured all manner of equipment. They prayed as they worked, revering a Machine God. He reached out to the cosmos and felt many presences, but there was no Machine God, only the Dark Ones, the Krork gods, the foul creations of the Old Ones, and something else, something that shone like a beacon on a world not too far away.

Interesting. Men worshipping a god that did not exist. But he could be made to exist...

Weeks passed by, and the entity took in more and more of what the Men were saying. He paid much attention to words of their god. Then he decided he would be that god.

With a thought, his skin turned to metal, his eyes blazed metal, wires ran along his body, and he took on an artificial look. Mist wrapped around him like smoke added to the appearance. Now he could go out and test his appearance.

As he moved around the hives, limiting his appearances, many were the Men who fell to their knees to worship this creature they were certain was the Machine God. They knew no better, and he was pleased by their acceptance of him.

Over hundreds of years the entity continued to gain followers. He knew they were fanatical enough to do what he wanted. He could get these puppets to wake up his children, all across the stars. And once those children were awake and trying to make contact with him, he was able to have them rescue his children after they were attacked.

But though he masqueraded as a Machine God, the entity did not forget his old name, given to him by his children, his brethren, and the Old Ones. Until the death of time, he would still be Dragon.