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[Being a study of the horrendous war between the Old Ones and the Necrontyr]

Transmitted:  Magos Biologis Research Station: Denebar
Received:  Nallisea III
Date: 8804999.M41
Astropath: Prime Estellis
Ref: INQ.XB.13259/N
Collated by: Magos Biologis Urieth Malkar

Species Evolution

My Lords,

I believe you are aware of theories regarding the hand of the ancient Slann race in engineering the Eldar species, as well as the Krork, forerunners of the Orks. Studies of genetic codes have turned up interesting results beyond these two species.

Eldar and Orks are two species that are perhaps the most dissimilar of any two species in the galaxy. The Eldar are technological masters who have awesome powers of the mind and are very civilized. The Orks are savages with little in the way of technological or psychic understanding. However, both contain a small amount of DNA that is connected to the basic DNA through unknown means. This DNA is different from the main DNA. That is not the most surprising thing about this find, though. The additional DNA found in both Eldar and Orks is the exact same code and structure! It is a standard double helix, but wrapped tighter and containing fifty four connectors. It is unknown what this code is for.

I have been studying many other species as well, and three more have this additional DNA. The first is Tau, who have long been suspected of being helped along in their evolution. The second is the hyper-adaptable Kroot. The third, however, is the most shocking of all.

The third species is humans.

I have studies seventy nine human subjects, all from different worlds and having different means of living. They all have this code. This is an awkward discovery, showing mankind to be engineered at some point by the same species that modified the Eldar, Orks, Tau, and Kroot.

The idea of humans being engineered is not a new theory. It has been recognized as feasible by the researchers I am working with since the Eldar databank on Talz mentioned "mon-keigh" (their term for humans) in galactic history millions of years in the past. This does challenge the theories of evolution on Earth over the past hundred thousand years, however. But it can explain to us how there are so many human colonies spread throughout the galaxy. It may also explained the hyper-advanced humans found on some worlds, humans that appear to have evolved far past the stages we are right now. Perhaps they continued to evolve as mainstream humanity somehow slid back.

I will continue to study this, and will inform you of any further developments in the research.

Your obedient servant,
Magos Biologis Urieth Malkar