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  Star Wars

[Being a study of the horrendous war between the Old Ones and the Necrontyr]

Sun God

It blinked. An unfamiliar feeling, because it had never had a physical body before.

It looked around, realizing it had suddenly been cast into a galaxy in which it knew precious little. It didn't even realize how it had come to be like this. It held dim memories of worshippers, lithe beings with tanned bodies who worshipped it and feared its might.

They had given it a name. Helios. And declared it to be a god. They had even envisioned its physical form, that of a male human-like entity with tanned skin, white robes, and a large serpent-headed staff.

Helios tried to remember more, but memories of any previous life escaped him. He remembered shining like a bright beacon, held in place for all eternity, proud at first to have an important mission to uphold, then slowly becoming curious about the multi-coloured orbs surrounding him as he slipped toward full sentience.

And then he was free. Physical.

He found himself hovering in open space. He turned, and saw a shrinking mass of energy that seemed ready to collapse in on itself. He felt sadness at the sight. And with that sadness came a realization that he had once been that mass of energy. But now he had a new form, given to him by many little creatures that he could hardly begin to know.

With uncertain feelings, Helios moved away from the mass of energy, and the many coloured orbs around it, and began to float toward the other bright points of light, hoping something out there held an answer for him.