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[Being a study of the horrendous war between the Old Ones and the Necrontyr]


In the Old War, the now millennia-long battle between the Old Ones, or Slann, and the Necrontyr, many terrible weapons have been created and unleashed.

Some of the most powerful weapons created in the first stages of the Old War, sixty millennia ago, were the Talismen of Vaul. They were large star fortresses that could move through the warp. Each starfort was armed with eight warp cannons, weapons that could cut through the Warp and tear a ship apart by ripping the reality around it into shreds.

Each starfort was many kilometers long and many more kilometers wide. They resembled two large black pyramids placed base to base, pulsing with great energy, with four long corridors of weapons reaching out to the sides. At the end of each of these four corridors lies the focal crystals for the warp cannons.

When these starforts were first created by the Elder, they were named the Talismen of Vaul, named after the Elder smithy god. They would sail between the stars, destroying ship after ship of the Necrontyr. Six great starforts sailed alongside the many fleets of the Elder and Slann. When a powerful threat was faced, multiple starforts would come together to add their power to each other and destroy the threat. Two Talismen of Vaul could destroy a planet; three a star. When all six of the Talismen of Vaul were brought together, their power was such that they could severely weaken any of the C'tan gods, bringing them to the brink of destruction.

When the Necrontyr went into stasis in their pyramids, and the Slann retreated to the Northern Galactic Pole, the Elder inherited the galaxy. Over time they took control of every star, save those inhabited by the then-benevolent Krork. But with their greatness eventually came a terrible price. The Elder's pride became their downfall, and with the birth of Slaanesh the Elder civilization was almost completely destroyed. The Talismen of Vaul, in the galactic west, were forgotten.

Black Crusade

Though the Elder, now the Eldar, had forgotten where the Talismen of Vaul where and what they had been, the Necrontyr did not. When they awoke, they immediately began to search for the Talismen of Vaul. They were quickly found and brought under the command of Adeptus Mechanicus forces that were not under the command of the Necrontyr.

Sensing no way to destroy them as events had taken place to date, the Necrontyr saw another path. The Chaos Warmaster Abaddon was brash and wanted to take revenge on the Imperium. He would surely seek such powerful weapons to be his own. But to have them, he had to control them. If he could be led to the artifacts, which had been triggered to vanish should a Necrontyr near them, he could gain the control of the six Talismen of Vaul. With such a powerful foe controlling the Talismen, the Eldar would surely try to liberate them, or the Necrontyr could even possibly find a way to take control of them.

Plans were set into motion for Abaddon to find the Eye of Night and the Hand of Darkness, and launch another of his infamous Black Crusades. Surely enough, this brought his actions under the eye of the Eldar, who moved to retake the Talismen of Vaul. After a few years of mayhem in what was known as the Gothic War, the Eldar created a new device to control the Talismen of Vaul and activated their self destruct systems.

The Necrontyr were pleased to witness the deaths of four of the Talismen of Vaul, having close views of their doom by posing as TechPriests. But Abaddon had escaped with two of the Talismen of Vaul, and the Necrontyr could not penetrate the shadowy realms known as the Eye of Terror, for fear of the Enslavers. Assurances were needed of the deaths of all six Talismen of Vaul, however.

To assure themselves, the Necrontyr put into motion another plot. Abaddon would need to be drawn into the Imperium for another Black Crusade. But he needed a juicy target for this to occur. To that end, the Necrontyr infiltrators within the Imperium had elements of the Imperial military moved away from the Cadian Gate, leaving it vulnerable to a concentrated attack from Chaos. Now the Necrontyr sit in anticipation, watching as Abaddon launches his 13th Black Crusade, knowing that if the Talismen of Vaul still exist he cannot resist the temptation to use them. And if they do still exist, the Necrontyr are ready and waiting, knowing they will get the chance to destroy these terrible weapons should they still be complete.