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[Being a study of the horrendous war between the Old Ones and the Necrontyr]

The War in the Heavens

Sixty million years ago, two ancient races fought each other in the most devastating war ever seen by this galaxy. Two races like gods, and indeed a whole slew of gods, went to battle with weapons more terrible than anything known to Man. This war came to be known as the War in the Heavens. Gods were born and killed, new races came about, and the galaxy was forever changed.

Now, sixty million years later, the galaxy has forgotten the war. The Old Slann are all but gone, and maybe even extinct. The Necrontyr and the remainder of their gods are just now coming out of their long slumber. The young races have inherited the galaxy, and many have already risen and fallen.

With the waking of the Necrontyr, men seek to find answers as to who these creatures are and what their past is. Knowledge of the War in the Heavens is not easy to find, however. Many lives have been lost in a futile quest for knowledge. Half-composed documents, incomplete datafiles, ancient weapons, all of these are used to try to gain a better view of the big picture. But there is little to be found. Men curse the gods for not providing them with clues as to what the galaxy's secret past is, gods who are shaped by their very thoughts. Meanwhile, those who know the truth keep it from the ears of those who'd wish to know, because knowing such dark secrets and not having the right preparation could cause a man to lose his sanity. Everything, including the birth of Humanity and the reality of their gods, is tied into everything else and related in some way or another to this eons-old war.

And so it is that men flounder in the darkness, searching for any scrap of information, piecing together theories and suppositions, fooling themselves into believing they understand that which they must never be allowed to understand. Such is the nature of the galaxy. Such is the reason for these documents. A man-made collection of bits of legend, half-truths, and guesses, known only to those with access to it by one very simple name: Historicus: The War in the Heavens.